What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of preparing a property to look its best ready for market.

We skillfully select the finest furniture, decor, artwork, soft furnishings and lighting to bring out the best features of your property.

Each item is carefully chosen from our wide range of stock, to make your property look incredible.

The benefits of home staging include:

  • stunning pictures that stand out in a crowded market place

  • increased interest and more viewings

  • a quicker sale / agreement

  • higher asking price / rental amount (see examples below)

  • added value to property

  • better suited buyer / tenant

"We have used Elevate Home staging services for three of our rental properties and the last flip we did.

The rental homes were all tenanted within 48 hours of advertising, achieving a higher rent than comparable properties.

The property we refurbished and flipped was sold in one day, realising a sale value that was 8% higher than we had expected.

We will continue to use Elevate Home staging services and highly recommend them to landlords and property investors."

Chris Phillips - Director, CJ21 Properties Ltd

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Home Staging works!

Staged homes don’t just secure more viewings and offers, they also command a higher asking price. In fact, our research shows that they sell for a huge 8% more than non-staged homes.”


The first time we staged an empty property for a landlord, we were stunned by the difference it made. The listing not only generated lots of interest but helped secure a tenant within the week.

Since then we have worked with landlords, property developers, investors, estate agents and homeowners who all have the same goals:

1. Sell or rent out a property

2. As quickly as possible, and

3. For the highest price possible

This is where home staging is quite literally magic 💫

It can help achieve all three goals!

To give you some context, Rightmove commissioned some research and found that staged homes command on average an 8% higher selling price than non-staged homes. Take a property selling for £200,000 - 8% stacks up to a mega £16,000 extra!

Here's a case in point. We recently staged a property for a family who were moving abroad and needed to sell their home fast. By the time we finished beautifying the house, the estate agent was able to elevate the asking price by £5,000 and secured a buyer within a week!

Or a property with multiple tenants that we styled and staged for a landlord. He was able to charge £50 more per room, per month - and he filled all four rooms within 8 days. That's a whopping £2,400 extra per year in his pocket. You get the point.

If you are looking to sell or rent out your property quickly and for the best price possible, fill out the form below to find out how we can help.

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